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“Spare the rod, spoil the child”

As a mother of three I love all my children equally and unconditionally with tender loving care.  When my older two children where little babies my husband and I loved hard on our kids just like any other parents would by giving them all the love and protection in the world because now as a parent… Continue reading “Spare the rod, spoil the child”

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Parental Control

In this new digital age social media is highly dominated with content that is entertaining to wide-range audiences. Now days, all kids have access to resources through social media beyond what their parents had and beyond what some grandparents even understand. You’ve surely heard, that you need to protect your kids from the dangerous pit holes and things that are… Continue reading Parental Control

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“Mom got her groove back”

After giving birth to three children, working, being a back-to-school mom and a wife sometimes I don’t feel like myself. I feel tired, over whelmed, old, crabby need I say more!!! I love being a mother to my children. My girls are my world and I want them to enjoy life as being kids. Now… Continue reading “Mom got her groove back”

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Patients with potty training

Potty training has it’s good day’s and bad days with my toddler. This time around my husband and I started potty training our daughter early about 6 months after she turned two years old.  It really wasn’t a thing at first I wanted to start because I didn’t think she was ready until after she… Continue reading Patients with potty training